Thanksgiving vs Chinese Lidong Festival

Thanksgiving, the holiday in North America celebrating the harvest of the past year, is a time to gather with family and friends to give thanks and blessings. In China, there is also a special festival that people celebrate in November. It is called "立冬 (Lidong)". The traditional Chinese calendar, also known as Lunar Calendar, divides … Continue reading Thanksgiving vs Chinese Lidong Festival

NiHao Chinese showcased at EdHubSTL

On August 22nd, NiHao Chinese was invited to present at the NXT@STL event sponsored by EdHubSTL at the Cortex Innovation Community. The evening’s theme was “The Urgency of Equitable Education: A Call to Action.” The event was well-attended by education leaders, entrepreneurs, school administrators, and many other professionals interested in innovation in education. NiHao Chinese … Continue reading NiHao Chinese showcased at EdHubSTL

Part Time Teaching Assistant, Los Altos, CA

Responsibilities: In general, follow rules and regulations specified by our client schools. Before Class: Prepare any teaching tools and equipment that will be used during the class, and ensure the software and internet condition to be ready;Participate in the course plan and class preparation with the main instructor, understand teaching content and know how to … Continue reading Part Time Teaching Assistant, Los Altos, CA

USA Market Researcher and Specialist (Tianjin, China)

Overview: USA Market Researcher and Specialist (美国市场推广及研究专员) is a full time position directly led by our US Managing Director. Job Responsibility: Through public information, conduct researches and find our potential K-12 schools that might be a good fit for our product and services.Perform researching tasks using different tools such as Google, and school associations under … Continue reading USA Market Researcher and Specialist (Tianjin, China)